Dr. Rampal Singh Niranjan

Dr. Rampal Singh Niranjan
Technical Officer
Education :
Ph.D: (Plant Breeding & Genetics)
M.Sc.: (Plant Breeding & Genetics)

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Research area of interest:

  1. He was associated with the In house project entitled “Genomics and molecular markers in crop plants”.
  2. Associated with the Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) of the NRCPB and functioning for ITMU in registration of Patents, facilitation of contract research projects and commercialization of IPR enabled technologies of the centre through Public- Private Partnership (MoUs/MTAs).
  3. Associated with the Prioritization, Monitoring & Evaluation Cell (PME Cell) of the NRCPB and functioning for PME Cell in conducting RAC and IRC meetings, preparation and maintenance of all technical Reports /documents related to projects, RPFs, RFD, IBSC, IRC, RAC, EFC etc. The quarterly, six monthly and monthly cabinet reports of individual scientists are collated and compiled into progress Reports and exchange of information acts through PME Cell. The database of all Technical reports, action taken reports, and issues related to scientific activities of the centre are dealt by PME Cell.

Research Publication:

  1. Bhatia V, Bhattacharya RC, Uniyal PL, Singh R, Niranjan RS (2012) Host Generated siRNAs Attenuate Expression of Serine Protease Gene in Myzus persicae. PLoS ONE 7(10): e46343. doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0046343.
  2. Bhattacharya R.C.; Niranjan R.S. and Koundal K.R. (2006) Advances in plant genomics promises wider application of biotechnology in crop improvement. South Asian Journal of Socio Political Studies. Vol. 7(1): 106-110.
  3. Niranjan R.S. and Ranwah B.R. (2003). Callusing Response of Cotyledon and Hypocotyl explants of some Genotypes of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern & Coss). New Botanist. Vol. XXX: 67-73.
  4. Katiyar R.K., Chamola R. Niranjan R.S. and Abdin M.Z. (2000) Transferring Alien Genes of Agronomic Value Through Transformation Technology in Oilseed Brassica. Brassica. Vol (4): 18-20.
  5. Niranjan R.S. and Mishra M.N. (2004). Line x Tester analysis of combining ability in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench). New Botanist. Vol. XXXI: 87-96.
  6. Niranjan R.S. and Mishra M.N. (2003). Correlation and Path Coefficient analysis in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench). Progressive Horticulture. Vol. 35(2): 192-195.
  7. Niranjan R.S. and Mishra M.N. (2003). Study of Heterobeltiosis in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) by line x tester method. New Botanist. Vol. XXX: 75-81.
  8. Niranjan R.S., Verma S.S. and Koundal K.R. (2006) Plant genetic engineering- a promising tool for crop improvement. Indian Farming 56 (8): 4-8.

Awards & Honour:

  • N.E.T.: (Plant Breeding) Conducted by the Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board, ICAR, New Delhi in 1997-98
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