Dr Rohit Chamola

Dr Rohit Chamola
Chief Technical Officer
Education :
Ph D

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Research area of interest

Dr Rohit Chamola is actively involved in Brassica research work for last twenty years. For last five years, he has been working as associate in the Research project entitled “Biotechnological approaches for increasing crop productivity (Code IARI: BTC: 09:1(3) Pricipal Investigator- Dr. S.R. Bhat). In this project he is evaluating and assessing the utilization potentiality of various cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) and fertility restorer Rf systems developed by NRCPB for development of hybrid in Brassica. He is also working on transferring Moricandia arvensis based cytoplasmic male sterility from B. juncea and Erucastrum canerience based male sterility from B. napus to B. oleracea (cauliflower) through interspecific hybridization and embryo rescue technique. Till date Dr. Chamola have 22 research papers and three popular articles in his credit in journals of national and international repute.

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Refereed: 06



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