Dr. Sandhya Rawat

Dr. Sandhya Rawat
Chief Technical Officer
Education :
M.Sc. (Molecular Biology Biotechnology)

Profile Details

Research Group: Isolation of genes and promoters.

Research area of interest:

  • Analysis of defense genes induction in Brassica juncea, in response to Alternaria brassicae challenge and treatments with hormones like salicylic and jasmonic acids.
  • Isolation and molecular characterization of Pathogen inducible Genes and Promoters in response to Alternaria brassicae challenge in Indian Mustard 

Research Publications

  • N.M. Chamil Nayanakantha*, Sandya Rawat, Sajad Ali and Anita Grover. αTubulin: A more suitable internal control than β-Actin in reverse transcription-PCR analysis of Brassica juncea, Sinapis alba and Camelina sativa under different experimental conditions. Ann. Pl. Protec. Sci. 22 (2) : 345-351 (September, 2014)
  • NAYANAKANTHA, N.M.CHAMIL1, SANDHYA RAWAT, SAJAD ALI and ANITA GROVER*Defense gene induction in Camelina sativa upon Alternaria brassicae challenge. Indian J Phytopathology 67 (3) : 252-256 (2014)
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