Dr. Kishor Gaikwad
Principal Scientist
Phone :
01125841787 ext. 246
Education :
PhD : Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Education :
Post Doc: USA and Japan

Research Interest

  • Structurual genomics and transcriptomics of mandated crops including pigeonpea, wheat.
  • Isolation and characterization of genes resposnsible for cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoration in pigeonpea
  • Decoding the organelle genomes of pigeonpea and allied species
  • Understanding the epigenetic mechanism regulating pollen sterility and fertility in pigeonpea.
  • Functional genomics of temperature tolerance in pigeonpea and rice.

Awards & Honors

DBT Overseas Associateship, 2008

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Modeling network of gene responses to abiotic stress in rice (2013-2016)