Dr (Mrs.) Rekha Kansal
Principal Scientist
Phone :
011-25841787 extn. 250
Education :
B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, Post Doc.
Education :
Ph.D: Kurukshetra University

Research Interest

Losses caused by insect pests are as old as plants themselves. Synthetic pesticides have a strong impact on the human health and environment. The promising area of research is return to an old approach with new technology i.e. the characterization of secondary plant products including lectins, protease inhibitors, amylase inhibitors etc. The insecticidal activity of these metabolites has been demonstrated against a wide range of insect pests. By transferring single defensive gene from one plant species to another under the control of their own tissue specific promoters or constitutive promoters would impart resistance against insect pests.

Brassica juncea (Indian mustard) is the second most important edible oilseed crop in India. A major constraint on productivity is an aphid species, Lipaphis erysimi which causes yield losses from 35.4 to 91.3%.Plant lectins are sugar binding proteins with agglutination property making them useful against Aphids with no effect on human metabolism. The developed transgenics of mustard harboring lectin gene under the control of tissue specific promoter will control the damage leading to increase in the productivity.

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Book Chapter

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Development of Aphid Resistant Transgenic Mustard ICAR-NPTC Project